Boards and committees

The Scientific Advisory Board is the main oversight an advisory body of the PUNCH4NFDI consortium. It is composed of experienced and highly esteemed senior scientists from various fields. 

  • Mark Allen, Strasbourg University / France
  • Kyle Cranmer, New York University / USA
  • Rolf Heuer (chair), CERN / Switzerland
  • Reiner Kruecken, TRIUMF / Canada
  • Andrea Rapp, TU Darmstadt / Germany
  • Oliver Stegle, DKFZ / Germany

The Executive Board (EB) is responsible for the overall scientific, financial, and outreach directions of the consortium. It consists of six members from universities, Helmholtz centres, Max Planck institutes and Leibniz institutes. The EB chair is at the same time the PUNCH4NFDI spokesperson. The project manager is a guest in the EB meetings. 

  • Andreas Haungs, KIT
  • Susanne Pfalzner, FZJ
  • Thomas Schörrner (chair / spokesperson), DESY
  • Kilian Schwarz, GSI
  • Matthias Steinmetz, AIP
  • Stefan Wagner, Heidelberg University

The Management Board (MB) is responsible for the day-to-day execution of the PUNCH4NFDI work programme as laid down in the proposal and its updates. The MB is chaired by the Project Manager and composed of the task area leaders. 

  • Project Manager: Christiane Schneide (DESY)
  • Thomas Schörner (DESY) - TA 1
  • Matthias Hoeft (TLS) and Christoph Wissing (DESY) - TA 2
  • Marcus Brueggen (Hamburg) and Thomas Kuhr (LMU) - TA 3
  • Philip Bechtle (Bonn) and Harry Enke (AIP) - TA 4
  • Michael Kramer (MPIfR) and Andreas Redelbach (FIAS) - TA 5
  • Kilian Schwarz (GSI) and Stefan Wagner (Heidelberg) - TA 6
  • Frank Bertoldi (Bonn) and Kevin Kroeninger (Dortmund) - TA 7   

The User Committee (UC) represents the views and needs of the PUNCH sub-disciplines particle physics, astroparticle physics, astronomy, and hadron&nuclear physics. The members of the UC are appointed by the elected community representations KAT, KET, KHuK and RdS

  • KAT: Anna Franckowiak (Bochum) and Uli Katz (Erlangen)
  • KET: Guenter Duckeck (LMU) and Thomas Kress (RWTH Aachen)
  • KHuK: Hannah Elfner (Frankfurt) and Ralf Averbeck (GSI)
  • RdS: Caroline Heneka (Hamburg) and Stefanie Muehle (Bonn)

The Infrastructure and Resource Board (IRB) aims at aligning the work of the PUNCH4NFDI consortium with the planning, needs and possibilities of the large infrastructure and data providers in the PUNCH fields. 

  • Simone Campana (CERN, WLCG)
  • Matthias Fuessling (CTA SDMC)
  • Stefan Hachinger (LRZ)
  • Yves Kemp (DESY)
  • Hans-Reiner Kloeckner (MPIfR)
  • Thorsten Kollegger (GSI Green IT Cube)
  • Andreas Petzold (KIT / GridKa)
  • Sabine Richling (Landesrechenzentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg)
  • Robert Speck (Juelich SuperComputing Centre, LOFAR)
  • Michael Sterzik (ESO)