Service Class 4: Metadata services

The possibility to build from the research products of PUNCH4NFDI a dynamic knowledge  fabric is the next step. The definitions of their functionality and interfaces, prototype  metadata schemes, data formats and published and interoperable digital research  products using the full range of PUNCH4NFDI services are provided. The corresponding  catalogue technology will be accessible for all interested users through the PUNCH-SDP.

4.1 The PUNCH digital Research Product: functionality and interfaces (D-TA4-WP1-4)

The development and definition of DRPs includes the establishment of functionality of how to logically connect all their elements. This  comprises a unified description of interfaces and resources needed to execute a DRP for a successful analysis preservation  policy. External containers and science platform products will be supported as well as developments in the other initiatives.  PUNCH4NFDI will provide services to access, modify, and execute DRPs in cloud environments accessible to PUNCH4NFDI.

4.2 Published and interoperable Research Products (D-TA4-WP4-2/D-TA4-WP4-4)

PUNCH4NFDI will provide published and interoperable dynamic Research Products using the full range of PUNCH services, including  combined analysis of datasets from different sources and experiments. Moreover working Research Product examples together with stored data and interoperable analysis workflows will be provided.

4.3 metadata schemes and data formats (D-TA4-WP2-1)

PUNCH4NFDI will define a prototype metadata scheme which covers the various data formats from the PUNCH community. This will  include also a transformation of the different data (and metadata) formats in a prototype data format. Especially smaller communities  will profit from this activity.

4.4 The PUNCH Research Product Database (D-TA4-WP1-1)

A central database for PUNCH4NFDI will be developed, which can run on distributed inatances and allows to access Research  Products from outside sources. The catalogue will incorporate all necessary metadata from available document-, data-, code- repositories and registries across the PUNCH community. Entries in the catalogue will be described and organised using a common  standard.

4.5 Open Research Catalogue (D-TA4-WP1-2)

Existing Research Products available in the PUNCH community will be ingested into an open research catalogue through a clearly  defined submission process. This includes also the development of best practices for data publication. The research catalogue will  enable researchers to publish Digital Research Products in a state that allows for re-execution of the code on local facilities as well as  on the PUNCH Science Data Platform. Via the research catalogue it will be possible to interlink separated data silos using a unified  access layer to metadata which complies with the FAIR principles.