Service Class 2: Data access and management services

Access to PUNCH4NFDI open data archives such as the open data of CERN’s LHC experiments and the IVOA, but also smaller data collections will be offered in the data  lake. Dynamic disk cache technology for the integration of opportunistic storage  resources will be provided. Data processing will be supported by FTS and Rucio services  for evaluation purposes. Specifically, corresponding reference guides will support data producers in publishing their data and software.

2.1 PUNCH4NFDI open data archives
Via this service access will be provided to PUNCH related open data archives such as the open data of CERN’s LHC experiments or the International Virtual Observatory (D-TA6-WP5-1).  These can be used for data analysis by users without explicit CERN or experiment affiliation. PUNCH4NFDI is at the forefront of providing "open data" and an avid pursuer and early  adopter of FAIR principles.

2.2 Dynamic disk caching technology for the integration of opportunistic resources

Access to data will be provided by tools developed in the PUNCH Task Area 2 and can be enhanced by establishing opportunistic data caches close to the processing resources. The  PUNCH community can profit in this case from existing developments of PUNCH member institutions like an XRootD plugin based dynamic caching system. The caching software  including documentation and example setup is being offered for easy download and integration into existing infrastructures (D-TA6-WP5-2).

2.3 Data transfer service FTS for evaluation purpose

The file transfer service (FTS) allows bulk transfers of files in a batch-style manner. An FTS service will be offered to interested partners  in PUNCH fields and beyond for evaluation  purposes (D-TA6-WP-10).

2.4 Data Management service Rucio for evaluation purpose

Rucio is a data mangement system disigned to cope with large data volumes and many files that are hosted on many geographically distributed storage systems. Its development  started in the ATLAS experiment but it is now used by several particle physics collaborations. A Rucio service will be offered for evaluation purposes (D-TA6-WP-10).

2.5 reference guidelines for data and software publication

A reference guide for publishing data including guidelines on DOI usage (D-TA6-WP3-1) will be published together with publishers and journals (e.g. Computing and Software for Big  Science (CSBS)). The topic of software publication will be addressed together with partner NFDI consortia. This includes also licensing issues of data and software belonging to the  "accessibility" part of the FAIR principles. A corresponding white paper will be published (D-TA6-WP3-2).