The National Research Data Infrastructure (in original German: Nationale Forschungs-Daten Infrastruktur NFDI) has the objective to systematically index, edit, interconnect and make available the valuable stock of data from science and research.

PUNCH4NFDI is the NFDI consortium of particle, astro-, astroparticle, hadron and nuclear physics, representing about 9.000 scientists with a Ph.D. in Germany, from universities, the Max Planck society, the Leibniz Association, and the Helmholtz Association. PUNCH physics addresses the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions, as well as their role for the development of the largest structures in the universe - stars and galaxies. The achievements of PUNCH science range from the discovery of the Higgs boson (top left) over the installation of a 1 cubic kilometre particle detector for neutrino detection in the antartctic ice (top right) to the detection of the quark-gluon plasma in heavy-ion collisions (bottom left) and the first picture ever of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way (bottom right).

The prime goal of PUNCH4NFDI is the setup of a federated and "FAIR" science data platform, offering the infrastructures and interfaces necessary for the access to and use of data and computing resources of the involved communities and beyond. The High-Level Milestones of the PUNCH4NFDI consortium can be seen here: (PDF, 42KB)

PUNCH4NFDI also offers services for the efficient scientific exploitation of research data. In doing so, PUNCH4NFDI collaborates closely with its European and international partners at the forefront of research in scientific data management.