In this section, we collect events and presentations pertaining to PUNCH4NFDI and the NFDI, and we link presentations that were given by PUNCH4NFDI members.

Link to the PUNCHLunches: DESY-Indico.

26 Nov 2021
KET Annual Meeting
Presentation "The PUNCH4NFDI Consortium" given by T. Schörner.
25 Nov 2021
Terascale Annual Meeting
Presentation "How can a particle physicist contribute to the understanding of the pandemic situation" given by P. Bechtle
15 Oct 2021
PUNCH Kickoff Meeting
Indico Agenda
28 Sep 2021
DPG "Condensed Matter" Annual Meeting
Presentation given by T. Schörner
21 Sep 2021
TA Working Meeting
Indico link
16 Mar 2021
DPG Spring Meeting
Presentation given by A. Haungs (PDF)
25 Feb 2021
PUNCH Curriculum Workshop
23 Sep 2020
PUNCH4NFDI all-hands meeting
22 Sep 2020
Annual meeting of German Astronomical Society
Presentation on PUNCH4NFDI by M. Steinmetz
21 Sep 2020
ErUM-Data meeting
Presentation given by T. Schörner at the IDT-UM-Meeting (BMBF ErUM-Data)