Task areas

The work of the PUNCH4NFDI consortium is organised in task areas that were defined in a thorough process of analysis of use cases and definition of deliverables, keeping the overall objectives of the consortium in mind (see figure below). This page briefly summarises the scientific task areas (TA 1 on "Management and Governance" is described here).  

The task areas of the PUNCH4NFDI consortium.

TA 2 “Data management” provides solutions for standardised data access and inter-operable storage solutions; it addresses the integration of storage with federated compute resources, and it deals with dynamic and intelligent data handling for advanced workflows.

TA 3 deals with the “Data transformations” necessary for the maximum exploitation of scientific data, for the combination of different datasets, and for achieving higher levels of abstraction and thus new scientific insights.

TA 4 will provide the “Data portal” which gives access to the underlying knowledge structure. Using the appropriate metadata, it connects the elements of interlinked digital research products that are central elements of the PUNCH knowledge fabric.

TA 5 addresses the increasingly important issue of “Data irreversibility” and the problems of data loss, the necessary “real-time” decisions and dynamical archiving capabilities.

TAs 6 and 7 on “Synergies & services” and “Training, education, outreach, and citizen science” address topics of relevance for the entire consortium and for its connections to other consortia, to the entire NFDI, and the public at large.

The layer model of scientific computing and data management used widely through out PUNCH science, and the role the task areas (TAs) play in the model.